Here are a few letters from people who have purchased or bred to Stanley Ranch horses.


June 1, 2016
Hi Lisa,

Just wanted you to know that Angel and I are best friends and I love her so much. I’ve continued taking lessons from Vicki and her trainer Jeff Moore when he comes to town. We’ve been working on contact with the bit and her being steady. Also some lateral work. She is very able to do things once I perform the request correctly! We are working on lots of fun exercises.

Another thing I love about her is that sometimes I just need “therapy” and want to walk around the property in a bareback pad. Sometimes trot. She is calm and kind and never takes advantage of the situation and takes good care of me.

She is so tidy for a horse! She never goes to the bathroom inside – only two places outside. What a little princess! When I go to see Angel she nickers at me and nuzzles me and I am so happy.

-Carolyn Jean Thompson




May 20, 2013
Wystyrea is awesome. She does whatever asked, at whatever speed. She spooks at nothing on the trail, even in the dark. She is fearless. I prefer to ride her alone. She listens only to me when we ride alone. What a beautiful horse.

-Denise Hughes



May 3, 2013
There is just something about Exodus, Molly -- obviously I'd seen tons of pictures of him and thought he was a terrific athlete (the fact that he continued to show successfully in demanding disciplines well into his teens alone SHOULD make people want his blood!), but meeting him in person was something else again. For one thing, he's so well-proportioned that you don't realize how BIG he is until you stand next to him! And his personality is nothing less than enchanting.

-Laurie Schmidt



February 9, 2012
DJ DJ arrived about 1:30 today. Chuck, his new owner, was working an off-duty at the time so I was there to get him comfortable and pay the hauler till the VERY EXCITED new horse owner was able to come see his horse. It would've made you smile, he was so excited. DJ was a very good boy as expected, and even though alert and a bit nervous, was very cooperative. After a few hours of just relaxing, we brought him out to stretch his legs some more and to say hi to momma (VAQUERA). They definitely recognized each other. CARA normally doesn't care if another horse that she doesn't know comes around but she was constantly at the fence line after realizing who it was, and had such a brightness in her eyes. We brought her out so she could really touch noses with DJ without my two geldings interfering and I snapped some pictures.

Lots of love




February 11, 2011
CAYENNNE Been having really great work on CAYENNNE. Today her canter was more round. Her gaits are just so amazing now. I can't wait to watch video of me riding her sometime because now that she has gotten used to me cantering her, her stride has gotten really big. Colleen and Crystal both mentioned to me—seperately mind you—that she is really coming up in front in the canter. She feels like I am riding a big horse! I have also been working on shoulder-in at the trot and getting her leg yields steadier and steadier. People around the barn keep commenting on how fast she is progressing, as she is already much steadier than some of the warmbloods there—even ones that have been under saddle for a couple of years.
Thank you so much for letting me ride your horse. She really is a blast!

April 15, 20XX
Your horse is just amazing - rode her last night - she got the correct lead EVERY time. Then we ran through Training Level 1 for the first time and she did it like she had done it a dozen times before. Then I took her on a little trail ride and rode her down in the field below her paddock with Crystal and she was perfect.   :)

-Rita Mason, California

CAYENNNE is being ridden by the wonderful Rita Mason, who just retired the fabulous Anglo Arab Grand Prix mare ATHENA. Watch a video of CAYENNNE.



January 17, 2011
CARA (aka VAQUERA) and I actually cantered the other day. I still ride her bareback only and with a halter and lead 90% of the time. We had never gone faster than a trot with me riding because I didn't want to push her past her comfort level since her primary job is to produce and happy healthy foal for me. WOW! She is smoother than I could have imagined and is an absolute pleasure. I feel so blessed with her and treasure the bond with her more than I could've ever imagined. She is so fuzzy and so wide from the baby that I felt like I was riding a fur couch. I can see her being a fantastic little riding horse till the end of her time.

-Lisa Henry, Texas

Lisa has VAQUERA (full sister to PASCION S) in foal to *GRANIZAR for 2011, the last *GRANIZAR foal, as he is no longer breeding.



December 21, 2010
The boys are doing great. I have started DJ and DUCCATI (now coming 3-year-olds), mostly ground work and sacking out. They could care less about flapping tarps and ropes. This week I've sat on both and walked around in the round pen.

CHARM (CHARMD, coming 4) is going well under saddle. I take her over to my trainer's indoor arena. She should be well started by spring.

All three of them make training/starting so easy. I'm really enjoying them.

-Kerry Redente, Colorado

Kerry is U S National High Score distance rider for most miles ridden in the 2009 season. She has said, "I have been everywhere and have seen most of the horses on top in the endurance game. My opinion is that Spanish Arabians will go the distance on top at the rides and stay sound for many years. This is important when you invest so much in care and training." We are proud and pleased that Kerry has selected four Classical Spanish youngsters from Stanley Ranch.



November 12, 2010
TRIANA TRIANA did something yesterday that was cool! In her yard I have an old bathtub that her hay goes into. A few days ago, I got a new batch of orchard hay. Well, TRIANA has hardly touched it. I was standing with her by the bathtub and was puzzled as to why she wouldn't eat it. I fluffed up the hay to evaluate if she had eaten any. She stood right next to me, lowered her head, picked up a mouth full and held it in her mouth. She then pinned back her ears and gave a very clear look on her face of dislike and told me she didn't think this hay was fit even for a goat, so to speak. Well, I said to her that she couldn't make it any clearer and I laughed. This was cool. I already ordered her the greener orchard hay and she has plenty of it to eat. I wanted to share this with you because I found it very smart of her to let me know exactly what she thinks!

-Amy Hamilton, California