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Yerington, Nevada.
Yerington, Nevada.
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County Seat of Lyon County with 41,000 residents (in last census).
Mason Valley Population: 11,355. Yerington Population: 3,710.
More information at www.Yerington.net

Weather: Locally noted as being the ‘Banana Belt’ area, temperatures rarely reach extremes, with moderate temperatures, averaging over 300 days of sunshine.
Precipitation: Annual average of 5.52” per year.
Temperatures: Average for January is 46 degrees, average for July is 92 degrees.
Snowfall: 10” or less annually. Proximity to skiing in the Sierra Nevada.
Humidty: low at 20%.

Development: The current usage for alfalfa farming, horses and cattle can continue.
Current Zoning: Five 40-acre parcels, if desired. The potential for possible future subdividing greatly enhances selling unit price.

Approximately one mile of Walker River frontage, on both sides of the river, ensures privacy. The Walker is a year-round river.

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