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Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International Inspection

September 25, 2012, Reno, Nevada

Stanley Ranch presented three horses at this inspection:

  1. PASCION S (*ESPERANTO X *IBERIA by GEB EL TARIK), presented as a prospect for R.P.S.I. Mare book. Inspectors named PASCION an exceptional mare, and a mother of stallions. She was found eligiible for the Main Mare Book # 1, a great honor for a great mare.

  2. HANSOME IZ (OSILVIS R.P.S.I. X PASCION S by *ESPERANTO), presented as an outcross foal. Bay, beautiful, refined, almost the image of his dam. Lovely movement inherited from both his sire OSILVIS and his dam PASCION S.. HANDSOME IZ was given the rating of 'First Premium Foal, Silver'.

  3. CZANTIAGO++// (*GRANIZAR X PASCION S by *ESPERANTO) (pictured above). Presented for approval as an outcross stallion for the Rheinland-Pfaltz-Saar breed. CZANTIAGO++// was presented in all the phases required by the R.P.S.I., and was scored as 'Premium', to move into their Stallion Book #1 upon proof of his Performance requirements.

Dave and Molly went to watch the inspection and daughter Lisa handled the horses. It was all good to watch. We particularly enjoyed the moment that PASCION discovered that her 'audience' was behind her in the little grandstand at Maplewood. From that moment on, PASCION turned her head completely around (and stayed that way) to study her audience. Also it was enjoyable to see the common sense that PASCION (and CZANTIAGO++//) showed when they were loose in the ring with obstacles and people everywhere. Then they wanted them to trot fast and to canter. PASCION did not want to cause a wreck, and so she cruised around the arena like the Queen Mary. She got no numerical score for canter but still was accepted to their Main Mare Book, so the rest of her scores must have been plenty high!

It is very interesting to see the German judges work. Otto is here from Heidelburg and spends several months a year in the USA inspecting horses. Otto has branded more than 50,000 foals, and is an experienced and consummate horseman.

RPSI Inspectors:

American Trakehner Association Inspection

August 24 - 26, 2012, Napa, California

CZANTIAGO++// was presented at the Trakehner Inspection in Napa, California, on August 24 - 26 where he was rigorously tested (see video), as were the other stallions presented—two Trakehners, one Thoroughbred and one Half-Trakehner/Half Arabian.

The testing covered : Character and temperament, soundness, moving ability in freedom, jumping ability in the free jump, over three jumps three times, up to 3.75, movement and obedience on the triangle, harmony, gaits and 'rideability' under saddle.

CZANTIAGO++// was 'Accepted' as a Trakehner outcross stallion on August 26, with good scores from all judges.

We found the Trakehner owners and breeders to be real horsemen and horsewomen, and a good time was had by all.

View the results of CZANTIAGO++//'s Trakehner inspection.