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Spanish Arabians and Their Special Relationship with Children

Over and over, Spanish Arabians have proven to be excellent family horses, exhibiting, among their many wonderful traits, a gentle disposition toward children. A few cases in point:

Adam and Rigel

Adam and RIGEL

Here is Adam Stern (Qadir Stern x Courtney Stern), age 2, on RIGEL, age 4 (*S S ORION x S S MIMOSA). Adam is growing up along with RIGEL.

Adam is the fourth generation of Stanley Ranch riders, seen here with 'grandma Lisa' and great grandmother Molly. Mother Courtney took the picture. Note Adam's correct rider position, and his interest in picking up the reins.

Adam now has a little sister (Aliyah) who is all about horses. Aliyah and Adam can both be seen on this page for their first trail ride.

Jaden and Iberia

Jaden and *IBERIA

Jaden Fox (whose father is webmaster Raymond Fox) goes for his first horseback ride at Jeannifer Yeatman's Gold Hill Arabians. Mutual friend (and horse photographer extraordinaire) Tamara Torti was leader of the horse, *IBERIA (Canadian National Champion Working Hunter and granddam of CZANTIAGO++//).

*IBERIA was born at Stanley Ranch in Spain and imported as a youngster. She went on to a career in the hunt field and in the show ring, had four daughters along the way, PASCION S, ROSE SR SWEET, VAQUERA and CHOCOLATE KISS. *IBERIA now belongs to the Yeatmans as a show/riding horse for their children.

Morrison and Wystyrea

Morrison and WYSTYREA

Denise Hughes reports that a young friend named Morrison has really taken to riding, although her siblings do not show the interest. The photo to the left shows Morrison on her first ever bareback ride, on the wonderful and patient Classical Spanish mare WYSTYREA, (UA LEGACY x *GRACIANA) who has been with Denise for four years as a riding horse in the mountains of Utah.

Denise and Jon are thinking of moving, and so WYSTYREA will ‘come home’ to Stanley Ranch for two years to have (hopefully) two foals, while the Hugheses relocate.

First trail ride.

Aliya and Adam's First Trail Ride

Recently, Aliyah and Adam took their first trail ride in the redwood forest.  All the adults have been waiting for this day! 

Trainer Michelle (mother of Travis, Cody and Paris Mahoney) has a new and better way to take the tykes riding. She puts a kid-sized saddle on the horse with a saddle pad long enough to make a seat for the adult, who rides behind. As Michelle explains it, “This gives the little one the sense of riding for themselves instead of being crammed in a saddle with an adult. This method has proven more comfortable for both horse and riders.”

Maddie and XENYA.

Maddie and XENYA

Maddie rides dressage but also wants to jump, and XENYA
is very brave over fences, so this will be a tough pair to beat!