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Spring Babies!

After enduring a long winter, nature rewards us with some of life's richest joys, and nothing welcomes back the spring like a new foal! We hope you enjoy a few photos of these beautiful spring babies, along with an open letter from Jim Porcher.


T'iago Although I seem to have spent this week running from one appointment to the next I am enjoying T'iago's arrival.

He is absolutely the cutest foal I have ever had. He was so balanced and "unfolded" right from the beginning. Every day I lead him and his dam to the turn out and then put them in at night. It is a good distance and he trots with this little cadenced prance trot right between me and his dam. He never runs into the lead rope and isn't pushing against her for security like a lot of foals will do, nor does he offer to run off. He marches in his little spot between us till we get to turn out. I take the mare's halter off and then he will have a little breakfast before he explodes into play. The first time I thought it was cute and just an accident but he has followed the same routine for six trips now.

T'iago The other positive to report is that he has to be one of the best legged foals I've had. He tracks very straight and true as he trots/prances his trips to and from his stall.

I'm not sure what is his most outstanding feature. He has an excellent neck that is long and beautifully shaped, his eyes are big, dark, wide set and low on his head (lots of room for brain), he has great legs that are very straight, and when he canters he barely touches the ground with a long, scopey reach from behind.

- Jim Porcher


Schanen Yates Unser's Arabian horses are thriving at their new home in Spain. Below are photos of ZIA LUNA ROSA (born on the eclipse) by CZANTIAGO++// and out of ARTESA.

Schanen Yates Unser's foal